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The Elite Collection consists of Indian Deep Curly and Brazilian Hair. Brazilian is NyLei's #1 Seller. Brazilian was the first texture of hair to be sold by NyLei's. NyLei's Brazilian Body Wave, Deep Wave, and Straight Hair is the perfect texture of hair for anyone who is just beginning to wear Virgin Hair. NyLei's Brazilian Hair is Human Hair and this collection is known for lasting up to 5 years with good maintenance. This hair is used diversely because of its softness and thickness which makes it easier to blend with the hair texture of most ethnicities. The bundles are 3-4 oz. per bundle.


How do I know how many bundles to order?

10”-16” 2 Bundles


16”-26” 3 Bundles


26”-32” 4 Bundles


32”-40” 5 Bundles


This depends on your preference. Remember the shorter the inches the more hair you get on the weft, the longer the inches the less you get on the weft. Please do not cut the weft, it may cause shedding

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